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You did a pretty good job editing those clips together to make this one. The voice dubs were very funny and worked well with what you were trying to present. Adding The Joker in there a few times as well as that guy with the sword was also amusing. I liked the dialouge for Peter. That was some funny stuff. It would have been nice to see a bit more of the villians like Venom get a line or two in but oh well. Great job.

Dekathos responds:

Venom is in 1B. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /461576

Thanks again for the reviews. It's nice to get one that is coherent once in a while.

A Spider-Man spoof. We need more of them!

I liked it. The voices you provided were really funny and matched well with the scenes you were using. The bit with Aunt May had me laughing as well as the part where you made it look like Peter crashed though the wall. Good job!

Dekathos responds:

I do enjoy it when someone notices the little things. Those are my favorite kinds of reviews not to mention they are useful to me. Hey wait I think I know you. Back when I thought the ngbbs was cool. Ha haha. Such simpler, more ignorant times.

It made me smile.

I remeber playing Parappa the Rapper a long while ago and this song was always one of my favorites. The setting for Kirby and Joe was perfect as it fit great with the song and you did a very good job making them move in sync with the audio. A fairly simple flash but amusing all the same. I'd honestly like to see more songs from that game now.

Excellent job with this!


I'm glad this series has returned. I was afraid that it would never go any further than the castle, but now it seems like it is finally about to go to the next place in time.

Your dialouge was great, the sarcastic Crono is always the highlight. The duel part was also very amusing.

I hope 18 is on the horizon soon. Great job on this!

Clovis15 responds:

They will first hit the future in Episode 18, which will - if work permits - be out before the end of this year.


I liked it. Yeah some of those puns were bad but I like it anyway. A lot of those were very creative and I caught myself laughing at quite a bit of them. Great visuals to go with it too. Overall I think you did a great job with this. Any more games with puns on the way?

Why don't they let Locke be in plays? Because he'd steal the show.

Sorry..Couldn't resist. :)

Tiredguy responds:

Ha ha! Good one! Yeah, some of the puns were pretty bad, but in a nice cheesy way :)
Thanks for the review!


I can tell you put a lot of work into this. I like how you can choose the character you want to see the, and how each one is very different from the other. Smoke is always a highlight for these and it didn't fail to make me laugh. Awesome job my friend!

Made me laugh

Captain Lou is one crazy dude! The sad part is that the WWE tried to sell these songs. Your animation style for these animutations are always amusing, crazy and random which is just how I like it. Great visuals to go along with the music and it was entertaining from start to finish. I also like how you kept that segment with Vince and Jessie at the end. Great stuff.

Funny as hell

Beebo is one cool cat. He and Harry make a great team, despite the crap that Beebo has to put up with. I like the story for this and the visuals are just too damn funny. Voice acting was well done too. Damn good work.

One of my all-time favorites

This is actually the first flash I ever saw on NG, and one of the big reasons I kept coming back to the site. I like it from start to finish. The monster's head constantly getting into trouble, the body trying to follow and the bit with the birds at the end just make this a very fun and entertaining flash to watch. Very nice job with this!


Can't go wrong with this. I saw this when I signed up some years ago and it holds up today. I still have a laugh at all the altered images and of course the song is just awesome.

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