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Loved it

This felt like something I'd watch on TV. They don't make quality stuff like this anymore. The character design was great, I liked the contrast between the Great Owl and Hoots. The bigger owl was more defined and realistic looking while the younger was more cartoonish which really brought out his childlike personality. The voice acting was well done and of course the music was fantastic.

I really enjoyed the overall story and I was entertained from start to finish. Awesome job!


Truly amazing. The story told was both heartwarming and sad and it was well done in the way it was handled. The art was really impressive and of course the music brings it all together. Enjoyable from start to finish! Impressive work!

So funny!

Poor little guy. That was one rejection he wasn't counting on. I loved the last scene and the expressin on pikachu's face was hilarious. The art style was really good too. This was worth the watch. Awesome job!


This was awesome! I really enjoyed the audio, as strange as that sounds, as the stuff they were saying was so damn funny! I liked seeing your cat character in this style, and overall I like the way it looks. Very nice job with this!

Very weird

There was so much going on that it was hard to take it all in, but what I got was one weird and crazy thing that made me laugh uncontrollably. The song was odd yet strangly catchy and the visuals going on around it matched the maddness well. Overall I too will embrace insanity, just like Pokey did.


I love this art style. It really sets up the whole things as the audio is just as messed up as the visual. I was laughing the entire time. The jokes you threw in were funny to begin with, but seeing it in this flash made it all the better.

I get it

This must have taken you a long time to do. We see a new thing from you and it's a joke. Nice.


These movies rule so hard.

This kicks so much ass!

You did a fantastic job with this. The animation really went well with the song and added to it every step of the way. The song by itself is hilarious, and your characters make it far more enjoyable. I like the style of the flash and I thought the lack of color made it stand out. I can't get the song out of me head too. You are awesome!

Just as good as the first!

I really enjoyed the banana in your ear song. The artwork is awesome and so is the audio and voice acting. Poor Charlie always seems to be on the short end of things. I cracked up when they did the "Choo-Choo Shoe" thing. Super funny!!!!

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