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Well done.

You did an excellent job of pointing out the sad truth about things while still managing to keep it somewhat cheerful via a cute cat singing about it. The lyrics were good and the overall animation was nice. It is a shame that goodwill isn't a year round mentality for a lot of people.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks and yes I think goodwill should be followed throughout the year to truly benefit mankind.


Excellent installment of Bunnykill! Tons of action, cool music and a touch of humor always makes this series a must watch for me. You always manage to find creative ways to deal out the action as the chase scene with the helicopter was really cool. I also liked the bit at the very end where you add some additonal mystery as to who was responsible for all of this. Awesome on all fronts!

Very nice!

I really love the animation in this and the song went well with what was going on. Derpy is such a fun character and I'm always glad to see nice fan art and work based on her and the other ponies. The art was outstanding and it was just a fun and enjoyable animation as a whole. Like the show itself this made me smile.


Great stuff

Great looking animation and an entertaining song. I like the lyrics of the song and the style of the visuals really brings it to life. Like your other toons this has an awesome sense of humor to it which makes it a very enjoyable watch. Keep em' coming!

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks Outlaw;

I think there's a big difference in making my own lyrics and theme, more control over the overall product of course.

Hopefully I can do another one in a few months. 8)

Love it

Very nicely done. I really like the fact that not only did you add funny lyrics but it sounds like you also did some additional singing to back it up. The animation was great and it was a fun flash to watch all the way through. I was humming this all day and I couldn't help but think of this. Great stuff!


Why can he never be killed? Yeah he's funny and all but as a gamer it just feels weird to have a boss that simply refuses to go away. Anyway I hope that is a link to the last part at the end. There was a ton of improvments in the battles and overall flash work in this so I'm looking forward to seeing the conclusion to this story.

Vinstigator responds:

Because he is basically the comic relief in an otherwise serious game. It works because people seem to love the character and his twisted sense of humor. As for part 15, it has still not been released. But I will make sure it does eventually happen. I owe my fans a proper conclusion after all these years.

Not a bad way to go.

Shame about destroying the blank unit though. Now they can't bring back Gau or the moogles or right the wrongs that have been done. At least they killed Bekkler. That creepy scumbag...


It seems Bekkler is going after his foes mentally first. Dude is one evil floating mask and gloves. You've done a good job making us feel for the characters by highlighting how they are still being hurt by their lossess. The music went well with the scenes and the writing is good.

That was great!

That sounds just like Pinkie! Funny as hell too. Great spoof of both MLP and that epic meal time bit. Very good art/animation and of coure the audio was hilarious. Great job.



I enjoyed this. I really like your animation style as it really went well with the audio. The Falcon Punch never gets old. My favorite line was the man saying that he couldn't feel his leg. Great job dude!

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