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Very fun to watch. :)

I really enjoyed the story for this. Your voice acting for the character also made it enjoyable. The animation and art style is awesome and I the flash overall had a very fun and happy feel to it, despite the evil teacher and his exam of doom. I'm glad you were able to pass your class, this really deserved an A+!

A very nice story

I really like how you are able to convey the idea of people of different races should be allowed to love each other through the music and animation rather than speech or text. Seeing the bunny chase the cat around as she relentlessly loves him is just very fun and sweet as well. The animation is smooth and the art style is just great to look at, the word "cute" just seems to come to mind. Great job man!

One of my favorite collabs of all time!

Very fun flash right here. I loved all the different art styles that were resented, and the parodies and tributes were all very entertaining to watch. The Burly Brawl was one of my favorites in this collab but I liked them all! Awesome job!

Just as awesome this time around...

With stuff added in! I love the original so seeing this one with the birthday theme and slight variation was a fun watch. I also enjoy the seeing the twist for the original story, so rather than seeing Colin go nuts, Zippey gets it instead.


The end of the story, and it was a good fight. Colin going super to take out Jesus was just awesome, and I liked how everything worked out for everybody. The music fit well for the story you were presenting, and the lyrics you got out of it was very funny. I like the remix at the end too. Overall this is just an awesome flash. GO COLIN!

Not bad.

TMBG is one of my favorite bands of all time so I always enjoy hearing how other people do their songs. I liked what you did but the audio quality wasn't as good as it could have been so clarity was a problem. The animations in the background were fun and it looks like you put a good bit of work into this.

If you can make a better audio file I'd like to get a copy of it. :)

Good job overall dude. Keep on rocking, and watch out for the rabid child.

Pure goodness!

I loved it from start to finish! Who wouldn't want to get a friendly dino for a present? The story was very well told, the voice acting was spot on, and the animation was spectacular. This is quite possible one of the best flash movies I've seen in a very long time. This could very well be a pilot for a cartoon series, because it honestly reminded me of when it was worth it to get up early on Saturday morning. I really like your style and your sense of humor. I hope this is a start for a larger project. Awesome job!!!!!


Wow that was hilarious! I loved how you used Cheech and Chong for this episode, and Power Star being sick from those mushrooms made it all the more funny. This series just keeps getting more crazy and messed up, and I love it! Keep up the great work.


I love the sequence of Colin getting ready for the big fight. The little underpants people are funny too. Overall the images fit very well with what was presented, and the song you found fit too since you were able to make lyrics that sound kinda like what is being sung. I still like the first one a bit more but this is totally worth the watch.

So damn funny!

This is so awesome. The song is great and the visuals you provide for it are funny as hell. I love the little story that emerges, as well as the others that follow it. Colin Mochrie is a funny dude to begin with, so he being the subject just fits perfectly with what is going on. Kickass job!

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