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Literally! Very fun to watch Ryu get pummeled by your characters. Each fight had its own twist and I really liked how you had at least two segments for each fight. I had a lot of trouble messing with the arrow keys during the sida guys part, but thankfully you had it so we could skip that. Awesome stuff all the way through!

Well done

I found this to be enjoyable. I'm a big "Weird" Al fan so I always like to see his songs made into flash, and this particular song I have wanted to see for quite some time. You did an excellent job in depicting the events that are being sung about and I liked the use of Yoshi and Birdo. Great job!

OrangePylon responds:

Damn, thanks man. :D I thought it'd be a good choice, and if I decide to do another it'd probably Why Does This Always Happen To Me...... wiiith...... Koopa. :P

Thanks again for the review. :D


Your art style is just plain awesome! The attention to detail for the poker chips, clothing and overall background was really top notch. I love the story too, and can't wait to see what Brooks and the other hired gun are going to do to be the first ones to do the deed. Great storytelling on your part. My only problem would be that the voices were a tad low in comparison to the sound effects, but thankfully there were subtitles handy.

Kickass job man! Go fellow Outlaws!!!

Absolutly crazy!

Very fun to watch too! I really like the song you used and the animation flowed very well with it. It's one of the most unique Mario flash's I've ever seen. Very nice job with this!

Where did you get the song from?

Poor Pichu

Heh poor little guy couldn't catch a break. I loved how you put Simon in there. Great story and funny as hell visuals. My favorite part was when Pichu tried to get the final smash to work and couldn't. Very nice job on this!

Topaz989 responds:

That's my second favorite part. Mine top one would be the Miyamoto Lasers.

Crazy indeed

This animation was a lot of fun to watch. Very trippy too. You did a great job with the music selection and how/where you used it. Great visuals also really added to the entire thing. Very well done and funny too! Awesome job! :)

SModcast is great!

I listen to it as well and I have to say that I enjoyed being able to see those clips. I liked how you had a bunch of different segments, and changing Kevin and Scott's apperance to match what they are talking about was cool too. Awesome job with this!

StupidDream responds:

Cool, glad you liked it.

This is awesome.

Lol you sure picked a weird song for this animation. You did a great job with the mouth movments to match the lyrics, it really looked like he was singing it. Very amusing and fun to watch. Kickass job!

Nice :)

Very enjoyable! Strawberry is one hell of a funny guy. I'd try one of those cookies, despite the strange after effect. Great animation and a good story to go with it. I laughed through it all! Very awesome job man, a kickass holiday treat you made!

RupeeClock responds:

Thank you. :)


I can tell you put a lot of effort into this. Great artwork and animation along with a very funny idea make this a solid flash. I really enjoyed this! The large amount of bombs got a big laugh from me too. Kickass job!

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