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Happy birthday dude! I've reviewed these for the past few years and I look forward to it every time. My birthday is tomorrow which is why I often remember yours. I hope things look up for you.

I feel this way too. Except for the dancing part. No dancing for me.

Very good stuff. Catchy song and neat visuals.

This is a very moving beautiful piece of art. I really loved the style and how color was used to show the different moods and changes to the world.

Seeing how the Mother and Daughter interact as they work and how art is being taught and passed on is represented great here. It makes the sudden appearance of trouble and danger all the more tense.

I won't spoil it here but the ending and what it could represent really hit me hard. There is a lot of sadness but seeing that the skills and dedication will still live on does leave it with some hope.

I will admit that this got to me. My Mom passed away late last year and it has been extremely difficult. She was such a wonderful person and I always went to her for guidance. So seeing the dynamic between the two main characters really touched me.

Thank you for sharing this.

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This series is so damn fun. All the stuff in the background and the funny bits that happen when you take down ships and planes really adds to it. I always look forward to these games.

Very fun! Much like the last two games the challenge makes it enjoyable. I like that you have the extra things to look for too. I ended up finding the gold muffins a lot easier than the regular ones. Still haven't quite found them all.

Overall great job!

It's ok. The overall story is decent enough and the alternate endings based on what job she does the most is a nice way to add replay value. The lack of audio is a letdown though. Some background music or something would have been nice. Walking is painfully slow and makes it a bit dull when you have to find someone who wants to talk with you.

Adding a way to play beyond the limit would have been a nice "New Game +" type of thing to help see more scenes.

Overall the game is alright. Could use a bit more work to really polish it up.

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Great remix. Want an ice cream sandwich?

This rules so much. Frog's theme was always one of my favorites from a game that has an amazing soundtrack. This rock remix fits it so damn well, you did a fantastic job. Chrono Trigger still remains one of my top RPG's and for a good reason.

You deserve to be knighted as well..Sir!

Good stuff. I do believe Vinstigator won. :)

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I had made a comment on the last one that it looked like Bea was having trouble with her shorts. Looks like I was right.

Now we just need one more follow up of the two girls stealing Mae's shorts since this whole thing was probably her idea.

I really love how you draw NITW stuff. Thank you for this.

It looks like Bea is having trouble with her shorts too.

Make a little birdhouse in your soul.

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