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Good stuff!

I've always liked this song. It was great to see it brought to life and put here on NG. I liked the concept of a crazed cook trying to get this guy to eat his cooking with the guy always trying to get away. A funny plot to go with an already humerous song. I liked the style as it really fit with the wacky type of music and the visuals were great. Overall you did an excellent job with this.

P.S. Thanks for sharing this link in the "Weird Al" club! :D

Well done!

This is suprisingly faithful to MGS and the added style of Mario and all the humor thrown in has made this a very unique and fun thing to watch. I really hope you continue making these as I'd like to see the rest, or at least highlights of MGS in this form. The sprite work and animation was smooth and the music and sound effects went perfectly. Keep up the great work! :D

TehShaester responds:

Well thank you for your input :)

I really did try to stay as true as possible to both universes, if I went too far one way or the other it wouldn't have worked out as well. It's all about balance. And don't worry, after a good amount of feedback comes in I'll start production on future episodes.

I really enjoyed it.

Excellent job! I was entertained from start to finish! The lyrics went very well with the tune and you did an awesome job with the sprites. Very funny stuff and a good singing voice too. :) This made my morning!

RecD responds:

Hey, thanks a lot! Glad you like my singing :)

So awesome!

Wow, that was really funny! The lyrics went so great with that tune and I really like how well the animation went with everything. Mario was very well designed for this and I laughed at his prognosis bit. Very fun and catchy. One of the best flashes I've seen in a while.

Good stuff

I must be sick because this made me laugh. I like your art style and the voice acting and music were well done. Its funy how you played on the fangirl/vampire thing since I keep seeing so much of that lately. Overall I think you did a kickass job! Gold star for you!

Pixmintro responds:

Thanks, I got a gold star, I got a gold star!

Pretty funny

I like that little bit from the castaway screensaver at the beginning. The song is fun too and seeing Scorpion run through the NES world setting things ablaze was cool. Great job!

Funny how Peach survived but had to do a run of shame home.

Highly enjoyable!

I really like the dancing bit you and Mr. Game and Watch do. The music is pretty catchy and I like how you sync it with stuff that is going on like the big getting sprayed. This is very fun to watch!

Very funny!

This was crazy all the way through! Loved it dude! It's tough to pick out a favorite part as they were all good. I'd like to see a fourth instalment of this one day. Shadow got the worst of it in that one bit. Awesome job!


This is pure fun! The style is very fluid and very smooth. I really enjoyed the whole thing from start to finish. Great song, funny chase and cake. Can't go wrong there. Nicely done!

So wrong, yet so funny!

Man this is twisted. The song was funny as hell and the imagery went great with it. Extra points for having it play backwards when the replay button is hit. That's a creative touch that makes watching it again a lot more fun. Nice job!

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