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Just as good as the first!

I really enjoyed the banana in your ear song. The artwork is awesome and so is the audio and voice acting. Poor Charlie always seems to be on the short end of things. I cracked up when they did the "Choo-Choo Shoe" thing. Super funny!!!!


All that for a sandwich? This was so ridiculous, I couldn't help but laugh the entire time. Can't say too much about the animation since it was just making the mouths move, but this is still worth the watch. Nice.

So cool

This is so damn funny! I like the Star Tropics bits as I just recently started playing that again, and the MM9 bits were great. My only complaint is that you used the Luigi uppercut thing a bit too much. Other than that, this was an awesome flash!

Gunstar-X responds:

StarTropics definitely deserves more attention! Glad you liked the rest of it.
Eh, I guess I coulda used a bit less Weegee, but I liked the way it turned out.


This is a really awesome compilation of artists and the end result is amazing! I'm having a tough time picking a favorite segment since they are all so enjoyable. The different art styles really make this stand out and the voice work is very well done. Kickass all around.

This rocked!

This was really fun to watch. I loved how it looked and it was entertaining the whole way through. I like the design of the characters and the waterslide theme was good. The ending was hilarious too. Nice job!

Very entertaining :)

I liked the simplistic style of this and your characters fit well with the song. The sync job was well done and the overall actions were very amusing and fun. It's really a great submission for a great song. Thanks for adding it here on NG.

A touching end

I have enjoyed this series very much and I'm glad things worked out for the characters. You animation style is fantastic and I like how you were able to convey the message without using dialouge. The song fit very well and of course the story itself is just awesome. I liked how all the other character came together to make sure love found the way. You have done an excellent job with this series from start to finish, and I'm very glad I was able to see them here on NG. Thank you very much for creating these masterpieces.

Very cool

And imaginative! I liked the dino's expressions as well as the little people and what they do. The music went very well with this and I found the whole thing to be enjoyable and entertaining. I like your style and that worked with what you were presenting. I'm going to have to check out your other work now. Awesome job!

This is greatness!

I love this song! The tune and melody is great and of course the lyrics are very very funny. I like how it starts out fine but gets more evil as it goes on. The images go great with what the ferret is singing about and I really don't mind the lack of movement. This tune is now stuck in my head. You really did a great job with this. Thanks for sharing!

Pure awesome!

Wow this really tops what you have done so far! I love the story and all the twists and turns it takes, and the characters are very fun and well developed. I like how you keep Mario and Luigi true to the games by not giving them dialouge and leaving that to Sonic and Shadow. The action is also very fun and has an internse pace to it. I found your use of the Minus World to be very amusing, and I couldn't help but laugh seeing them in 8-bit form. While i was suprised in how long this episode was, the length of it didn't bother me at all.

You have really done an outstanding job with this series and I am eager to see the next episode to see what happens. I just hope Luigi gets a chance to shine and show some power.

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