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Pure awesomeness!

Absolutly crazy from start to finish. I really love the song and all the insanity that you have thrown in to make this. It is so very funny and entertaining as hell. One of my favorite Animutations of all time!


I love this song, and the animation you did for it was awesome. I'm thankful for the subtitles, so we can understand what they are singing about. Heh, poor Luigi can never catch a break. Awesome job!!!!

Loved it!

These shorts get better with each installment. One of my favorites in this one was with Bean the Dynamite doing the Aracuan Bird song. Fits that character perfectly! Just seeing sonic presented in so many different ways also makes this something worth watching. Even the creepy Tails doll was well worth it. I can't wait to see the fourth one. Keep up the great work!

So badass!

Hilarious from start to finish. The voice acting was great as was the animation. The gags didn't fail to amuse and the art went well with what was being presented. Awesome job!


I'm glad you came back to continue this story. Love the artwork as always and the song selection goes great with it. I like how you are able to convey what is going on without any dialouge. Can't wait for part 4. I sure hope there is a happy ending for our two hero's in love.


Each episode brings something new to the table. I guess taking requests helps to make the creatice process a bit easier. It was a fast paced and crazy episode with the two characters hacking and slashing their way through the world of Madness. Pure awesomeness!


This song always makes me laugh! You really did a nice job bringing it to life. Nice images to go with the lyrics and not a bad job with the lip thing. Very fun to watch!

So very awesome!

This is one of my favorite submissions in the Weird Al collection. The visuals go perfect with the song and you make an already crazy bit even crazier. The animation was just plain awesome and it flowed very well with the song as a whole. What I like most about it is the fact that you made it for your wedding and played it for all to see. You obviously put some time, effort and most of all heart into this project, and it shows. Excellent job my friend.

That cat is awesome.

Very well done. It gets better with each episode as well as funnier! Just like the real game teh story draws me in and keeps me interested and entertained. It's getting close in the story for them to go to the future and eventually meet Robo. I can hardly wait to see what happens to poor unlucky Crono next! I'm also looking forward to when the eventually get to use magic. Seeing Lucca not need fuel to start fires will be awesome, and knowing Crono's luck, he'll electrocute himself a few times before he get the spells right.

Friends don't let friends use magic while on ether. :D


This made me lol. Great visuals to go with that song, and it kept me laughing the entire time. At first glance I didn't think it would be good, but it got better as it went along. Very awesome job! :D

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