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yet slightly entertaining. You should have let us choose the winner, that's always fun. not sure about the chicken joke but whatever. Nice job man.

Waterman funny

But roy-bot scares me. Very slick flash here, the animation is great, the audio is good, and the whole thing is damn funny. Ping-ping X..Now I've seen it all..no wait.. I haven't. I can't wait for the next episode, of this great series.

I like it a lot but...

Proto Man is a good guy..Why would he flip out like that? It could be that he is malfunctioning, it could be an imposter, or just a crazy dream. Either way this flash is very good. I can't wait for the show-down. The non-stop action is great with lots of drama to back it up. Awsome job guys, go you!

I love that song

Dude this was just an awsome display of flash!! The mouth's went perfect with the lyrics, and the edited sprites were cool and really added to the overall effect. Everything just went smooth. Possiblly the best music video I've seen in a long long time on NG. I'm very glad you got 1st place, this deserves it! Damn good job my friend!


This kept me entertained through the whole 8 min. Awsome Flash! The characters were hilarious and those one legged dog things were fun to shoot. What's up with the ducks? And why is that purple guy so fruity looking?

McRhyme responds:

The duck is a chicken, and I have no idea what he is good for (except looking funny at times and getting killed). He was originally only thought to be squashed ONCE on the windshield, but I tought he was funny so I made him Chief Leaf's little cute pet chicken.


hi luigi ::boom::

he Toad getting his head blown off twice was great. i especially liked Bowser eating a hamburger. Very good flash, I got a good laugh out of it. Nice Job! I want to see the next one soon, I wanna see Bowser get what he deserves! Where are the other koopa kids?

mmmm pizza

Damn that was funny! This si my favorite series ever! I guess foamy just doesn't care about his owner. Awsome Job dude, can't wait for the next one!

heh funny

A very strange flash, but a good one! That badly drawn skater was funny, and I liked it when you made fun of DBZ. Not all sprite movies are bad though.

Jimong5 responds:

Adept_Omega's Response:

I completely agree -- I'm glad you brought this up.

There are a lot of good sprite movies out there. "Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom" I and II are very, very excellent, "Mario Brothers" Parts I and II by Phantasmagoria Crow are great too. Other things might be video-game based but not sprite based, such as Return of Ganondorf.

This is by no means an attempt to broil movies that have received well-due fame and happened to use sprites -- quite the contrary. It's more meant to torch the kinds of movies you see that clearly suck, but because they use popular video game characters, squeeze by judgment by the skin of their teeth. I must apologize if the movie came off as overly generalizing all sprite movies -- that certainly wasn't the intent.

Thank you for the response, thank you for not letting the message distort your judgement, and I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. ^_^

cool...in a sweet sort of way

i liked it! I like the quotes and the commentary on the dumb stuff they said, but it was a bit long for that one topic even though Durst is a moron..a big one. Nice job, i'm hopeing for one from Britany now!

puppet pals

Wasn't the puppet pals on Dexter's Lab? Anyway this was really funny, especaily "naked time!" It was weird but the sound and graphics were nice, so you get a 10 and gold star!

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