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A Popsicle... lol

Those crazy robot masters. I liked the interview format of this and each one had their moments. Bomb Man bing insane at the end was funny as hell, and Guts Man not remembering who Wily is was classic.

Very funny

I love that stereo duel Shadow and Rouge had. Their expressions were great and the whole thing was just fun to watch. I like how even when it looked like Shadow won but didn't he went into a crazed look. Songs were awesome too!


Just awesome stuff right here. I already like the song so seeing it come to life was a real treat. I like your art style and character design and the stuff you had Maxwell do in addition to what the song does was very funny.


Snake can't seem to catch a break. Those soldiers are really stupid, and seeing Snake teamed up with Ted was just hilarious. I really enjoyed the concert at the end and the whole in hell sequence was just classic. I also found the mountain goat bit to be too damn funny.


I love it when these two fight. The army of evil Luigi's going at it with an army of Toad's was a nice touch. The explosion at the end really added to the story, and one of the coolest moments was seeing that first person view of that rock that was heading for Sonic. The ending was also a sad one which we don't see too often for these kinds of stories. I also liked the alternate ending with Knuckles. I hope you make a follow-up to this as I would really like to see what Mario will do to avenge Peach.

I'll never be able to say the word potatoe...

Without singing this song in my head. You did a very good job with the song as well as the images to go with it. That crazy looking tater thing was also funny. Catchy and hilarious is really the best way to describe what I just saw and listened to.

Uber catchy!

I had this song stuck in my head for days! I ended up downloading the song and put it on my ipod. I really enjoyed the animation, and seeing the other animals provide some of the music, like the whistling monkey was a nice touch. I also liked the voice/pitch contrast between Roy and Hippo, so when they sung together it was just awesome. Great job!

Very funny

It's a shame that this series doesn't have the recognition it deserves. The characters are very humorous and the overall story is fun. I liked this episode in particular due to what Rick has to go through. Good stuff man!


Poor dog. At least he ended up with a family in this one, though they have the same bad luck he does. Despite the "badly drawn" aspect, I actually enjoyed the art style and the animation was very good as well as funny. I loved the song at the end! Kickass job, I hope this series continues!

Very fun to watch. :)

I really enjoyed the story for this. Your voice acting for the character also made it enjoyable. The animation and art style is awesome and I the flash overall had a very fun and happy feel to it, despite the evil teacher and his exam of doom. I'm glad you were able to pass your class, this really deserved an A+!

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