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I really like the story here as it makes an interesting situation. The song itself is crazy enough but the fact that its like a mental condition is priceless. The voice acting is well done and the reactions the three characters show suit it well. Creepy yet enjoyable all the way though. Awesome stuff.

I really like this.

Very simple art and music and all that but the message and actions in this are what really counts. I like the expressions the dog shows and that everybody got to enjoy some cake. Very nice short, dude. Its something we could all take a page from.

jackbliss responds:

Wow I'm quite honored to know I've contributed something that people can actually learn from and apply in their own life. I've always thought the most powerful messages should be delivered in the most simple way possible so even a kid or a grown up can understand it. Thanks for the review :)

Couldn't resist huh?

I guess if I could add myself into the fray I would too. I am ok with Chrono...er.. Vince being part of the team since you are already using stuff from that series anyway. Things are really starting to shape up and this story continues to be well written and made. Good job with these man.

Vinstigator responds:

Your reaction was the same as a lot of other people's reaction when they found out I named a character after myself. Then in the later episodes when they found out about Vince's past, he became a lot of people's favorite character. Anyway, thanks for the review!


Bekkler is creepy. Good use of Chrono Trigger scenes and in this case characters. I sure hope they can save Mog, he was always a favorite. In the last flash you just had the guys run into the enemy so it was a good sign of improvment to see Edgar use a spear. Good stuff so far dude.

Vinstigator responds:

This is the episode where I actually learned how to animate a battle scene. It was definitely a step-up from part 5 and is one of my favorite episodes I've made. Anyway, glad you're enjoying the series so far! It only gets better.


So Kefka has a brother huh? I'm intereste to see what he's like. This was a bit short but still pretty good. I think it would have been better had you included some of the weapon animation for when Locke, Mog and Cyan attack. It would have made that part more like the game instead of them bashing into the enemy.

Vinstigator responds:

I wish I knew how to animate battles back then. This was my first attempt and I didn't know much about animating battles. But what I lacked in battle animation, I made up in story :)

Aw man.

Poor Cyan and Lola. The guy never seems to catch a break. First his wife and kid and now Lola. Once Cyan finds Kefka there will be hell to pay. I also like the follow up for Locke and his brother and while this seemed to slow the overall story down a bit we did get to see two more characters in Sabin and Gau. Good stuff so far. Good use of music too.

Vinstigator responds:

Yeah Cyan has had a tough life. Hopefully things will start turning around for him...

Good stuff.

I liked the moment Cyan had with Lola. Its a nice touch and a good callback from the game. And of course good old evil bastard Kefka. I'm interested to see how he survived the fight. Again the animation is steadily getting better here so I am really looking forward to see how this progresses. Good job.

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the Cyan/Lola scene!

Much improved!

This is much better than the first one as it shows obvious signs of improvment. I'm glad you sent me a message and respoded to my previous review as I was unaware that this was a learning process for you. I'm looking forward to seeing how your skills developed over this series and where the story will go. My lone complaint with this was that the episode was a tad too short. That and the lack of the walking movment, but you pointed that out already :P. Can't wait to see the rest.

Vinstigator responds:

Yeah this was definitely a learning process for me. When this first came out I thought it was the greatest thing ever. But now that I look back on it... I can see that I could have done way better. But back then I didn't posses the skills that I have now. Anyway thanks for the review!


I have to be honest here. I'm sure the rest of the series is great and I plan on going through and watching them and I'll review them accordingly. However I simply can't give this entry anything higher than a five. Just text and music will only get you so far. What you wrote is good which is what saved it for me.

Some intro type animation would really have helped. Again I understand that this is meant to be like a teaser to get us interested in the story and it works fine but this is far too simple. I do not mean to bash you, this is just my honest opinion. I am ready for this though since I just finished beating FF6 again.

Vinstigator responds:

Don't worry, quite a few people left the same type of review on this movie and ended up loving the series. The reason why there is only text is because at the time (believe it or not) I knew nothing about flash animation. I taught myself as the series progressed. In the 2nd episode I didn't even know how to get the characters to walk! But in the 3rd episode, they started walking. After each episode I would learn more and more about flash animation. So if you watch the series from the first episode to the current one, you'll see how I evolved as a flash artist. Anyway thank you for the honest review. I look forward to seeing more reviews from you in the future.


This is beautiful

What a touching story. I had a tear in my eye at the end. I'm glad things worked out for Lucy. The art and animation for this is stunning and the music helps the mood so much and by itself is a work of art. This is a wonderful thing and I'm really glad I watched it and that it is on Newgrounds. Thank you.

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