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That castle is evil

This was really funny. I liked that you took some of the ideas from the original shorts but added your own twist to it. Props for using a clip from the cartoon. My favorite bit was with him waiting for the fuse to make it to the castle but getting stopped by Rush. Great job with this!

Celes and the island

I always managed to save Cid, so I rarely see the scene where she tries to kill herself. I suppose its just as well for you to make it so that the unhappy option was taken. Still it would have been nice to have seen Cid in this. Shadow is one tough customer.

Didn't you already use that monster sprite? I don't mind but since this game has so many monsters, I'd rather see more of a variety. Still the story remains good and that is what keeps me hooked.


This was really funny. I like the idea and the sprites looked great. Good choice of music and sound effects too. My favorite bit was with the cannon. I hope there is another one in the works. Awesome job!

Pretty good.

I'm glad Mog didn't get killed. You had me worried there for a bit. The Blank Unit huh? That's and interesting idea. They are sure to need Locke since he is the best treasure hunter there is. Poor Vince. Kefka just loves to make people miserable. The weapons being used are an improvment here, and the music selection is right on. Good job.

Robot Pirates Rule!

This is awesome. I really loved the visuals and the robotic singing voice. The lyrics were funny and the style was fun to watch. I enjoyed this from start to finish. I really hope I can find the song now. Fantastic job! YARR!

I used to watch this show.

I would have given you a 10 if you had used the english song that I had experienced growing up, but this still brought back some good memories. I never knew they had a game so it was cool to see the sprites for it. I enjoyed this.

Aw, man.

Poor Gau. I liked him too. Such a shame that he got killed. Shadow turing out to be a bad guy is an interesting twist too. I can understand Strago not making it since he was so old. Things are really getting interesting now.

Vinstigator responds:

A lot of people were moved by Gau's death... that's the reaction I was aiming for and it seemed to work well. As far as Shadow turning traitor, quite a few people disagreed with it. But when they saw later episodes, they understood why he did what he did and it just worked. Can't wait to see you're review for part 10... that's definitely one of my highest rated episodes (review wise) next to part 14 and when you watch it, you'll see why.

This freakin' ROCKS!

The action is so fast paced and awesome! I also like how you added humor to it as Luigi was really funny in this. I hope he's around for the second one, when ever that comes out. I too am a little disappointed in how Mega Man did, but at least Zero had a badass performance, though a bit short. I can only hope Proto Man gets a shot in the next instalment. (and does better) The moves that Sonic was doing were awesome and Mario showed he was one tough guy.

You did an outstanding job with this and it shows. I really hope to see part 2 in the near future. Good music, animation and action make for a kickass flash. A+ dude.

Short-Factor responds:

Your review gets an A+ too.


They Might be Giants and Mega Man. Two of my favorite things in one flash! I really liked the way you had the character sing the song and the sprites you chose worked well for it. I found it to be very funny and entertaining. Great stuff!


I really like the story here as it makes an interesting situation. The song itself is crazy enough but the fact that its like a mental condition is priceless. The voice acting is well done and the reactions the three characters show suit it well. Creepy yet enjoyable all the way though. Awesome stuff.

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