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This series is so damn fun. All the stuff in the background and the funny bits that happen when you take down ships and planes really adds to it. I always look forward to these games.

Very fun! Much like the last two games the challenge makes it enjoyable. I like that you have the extra things to look for too. I ended up finding the gold muffins a lot easier than the regular ones. Still haven't quite found them all.

Overall great job!

Very nice! This was fun the first time around and this version doesn't disappoint. Dery is geat and so is this game. Thanks!

Bro hoof!

Derpy is awesome. This is a very fun game. Simple and easy to get the hang of with a decent bit of a challenge. I like the additional thinhs you can look for and hearing "yay" is also a nice touch. Very enjoyable.


Awesome! I really loved all the background activity going on as it really added to the overall feel to the game. Seeing the Staypuft Marshmallow Man in NYC is a blast! It plays great and is super fun. The music really fits with it and all the things that you can destroy is entertaining as hell. I'm looking forward to Mars shark!

Good story

I've waited to write a review until I finished playing the game so that I could give a better account of it. First off the overall story is well put together. On top of that you managed to give each characrer something to make us remember who they are and considering how many students there are that was no easy task. I enjoyed looking for those cards and some of the missions we fun. Having things that unlock as you go is also a nice touch.

There are some negative points though. Even with auto-run the character moves too slowly. There were also times when doing side missions that I had no idea where to go and had to look at the walkthough for help. Having indicators for side missions like you do main ones would be a help, or at least have hints on where to go. I really hated the RC car mission. I've never been good at those, and the time trial is the only thing keeping me from 100% complete.

Overall this was a good game. I'm looking forward to part two to see where this is going.

Very fun!

I really like all the variety of enemies that you encounter as well as the extra characters. This is one of those games that just makes you keep on playing to see what else in in store for you. The music really helps add to the game and the items you can get help out a lot too.

Artwork is awesome as always and the overal gameplay is solid. Great stuff!

Better than the first!

I really liked the first game and am glad to see that the style and sense of dark humor continues in this one. I really love the art style as it reminds me of an old story book and when you add in the music it sets the mood and tone perfectly.

The puzzles take some time to figure out without a guide but aren't impossible. The real fun, of course, is trying to find all the ways to die. I'm still looking for a few, like the fairy death, mushroom and the "snip snip" medal. The deaths are a good mixture of funny and gore that really makes this game fun.

It's unfortunate that there are still bugs and glitches in it but I know its being worked on. In time it will all be sorted out so I'm not taking them too much into account when reviewing this game. A few times I had to refresh the page because Gretel would get stuck in the walking animation and not go anywhere but thankfully the autosave works and I could pick it up where I left off.

I'm really looking forward to part three. I want to see how you depict the witch and what kinds of crazy ways you can die in her house.

Wow... Just...Wow

I'm still only in the forrest but so far I can say that this has outdone anything I've played online in a very very long time. The gameplay is easy to pick up and understand and teh character/enemy design is outstanding. The music fits very well and I like the challenge that is here. I also like the idea of learning the spells and abilities while gaining exp, just like normal RPG's, but the great thing is there is always a sense of humor throughout. I love the dialouge the hero's say while in battle. This is your best work thus far.

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