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fun as hell

Just in time for the holiday! This kicks so much ass. The only thing it needs is some music.


There has been a need of a metroid shooter, and you have definatly delivered. I liked the graphics and it definatly had that metroid feel. A very enjoyable game. I hope this gets front page!

Not bad it was fun. Also..

Barron also dies after Kefka messes up the world. If you don't remember, Barron was teh guy you had to escort to safety on teh raft, and he used the heal ability.

Dragon0808 responds:

It never actually shows that baron dies, and if Duncun (Sabin's trainer) could live through his son's attack, and the end of the world, why not a guy with healing powers?


Just like real life! It's really a lot of fun to have NG condensed like that. Awsome idea and concept, nice artwork too!

So wrong.

Yet so hilarious! A surprising fun, if not twisted, game of killing people, robbing then, all while shouting Bill Cosby quotes. I had fun playing it so I have no problems with it. Great stuff.

It's cool but..

Is it complete? I got to the point where the guy says meet me in the back ally, and I go in the direction the arrow points to and nothing happens. I can't leave the room. The graphics are cool, and the system your using for shooting is fun and I like having random stuff to shoot at. Please fix!


It was amusing but it kept glitching at level 2. At parts it would suddenly run very slowly and them it would tell me game over. I don't know if it's my computer or this flash but it go annoying fast. Not much to say about graphics, but it had some good points to it.


Wow you got that finished a lot quicker than I thought! Thanks for the shameless plug in the credits too. The art was awsome and teh voices were funny as usual. The shampoo/akane bit was freaking hilarious but the best part was when sasuke got killed! Awsome job as usual!

Dekathos responds:

Yeah. I figured you'd be shocked. I wouldn't of been able to put it out this early had I not been able to save my hard drive. I hope the plug does help. It would be a shame to flush our club. Thanks for the support Outlaw I'm glad you liked it.

fun but...

You really needed to put some music in it. Other than that it was fun, the characters you can make are seemingly endless, and a random button makes it even better.. There could have been a save option so you can keep the cooler characters made.. That would have made it better. The colors and options like wings and types of shoes made it all the more enjoyable. A fun time killer.

fun as hell

Loved it! A vast improvement from the last one, more stuff to see and do, crazy monsters, and just an addictive game. Aswome job, can't wait for your nexy project. From Frank's Adventure to Castle Cat, you are the man!

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