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It's very fun

However I was doing training mode and could find no way of getting back to the main menu without closing it all out and loading it up again. Is there something I missed? Other than that I had a blast playing it. A problem I had with the gameplay was that you slid so much when you moved. Also I was a bit annoyed with using "o" and "p" for jumping and attacking. Customizable controls would be a good thing to consider for your next project. Kickass job though.

Cleod-9 responds:

Thanks, I might make a version 2 but it will be hard to match the real SSBM. Also, you can hold "Backspace" to pause, it says that in the controls during the preloader. You should also read the FAQ for anymore questions, the link is in the description.

This was submitted already

Either you are a part of the site or you stole it.
I still like this animation and thought it was overlooked so I gave this about the same score I gave the first time I saw it. No improvment from the first submission so it makes me wonder why it was submitted again.

Care to clear things up a bit?

UnordinaryDragon responds:

Part of it?? I own it....

Mostly Because, I have a new account now.

Not bad it was fun. Also..

Barron also dies after Kefka messes up the world. If you don't remember, Barron was teh guy you had to escort to safety on teh raft, and he used the heal ability.

Dragon0808 responds:

It never actually shows that baron dies, and if Duncun (Sabin's trainer) could live through his son's attack, and the end of the world, why not a guy with healing powers?


Wow you got that finished a lot quicker than I thought! Thanks for the shameless plug in the credits too. The art was awsome and teh voices were funny as usual. The shampoo/akane bit was freaking hilarious but the best part was when sasuke got killed! Awsome job as usual!

Dekathos responds:

Yeah. I figured you'd be shocked. I wouldn't of been able to put it out this early had I not been able to save my hard drive. I hope the plug does help. It would be a shame to flush our club. Thanks for the support Outlaw I'm glad you liked it.

could be better

the idea is good, thought when you said you would make a game this was not what came to mind. Music is a definate man, all games need it, or the little sound effects get annoying quick. Luigi got stuck easily too. As fro the series, I liked it when a baby sonic came, and I got a real spiffy suggestion, make a parody of muppet babies: include other "baby" video game characters, and well, do your thing (probably kill them) I like what you are doing and give you support on all your flash, as said before, you da man!

tenchi5000 responds:

Great, thats 2 People I have on my side now :D

I play. I like. You good.

Being a long time megaman fan, i really appriciated this awsome game! it was like playing the NES again! You obviously put a ton of effort into this, and you did a wonderful job, keep it up! I hope to see more classic games for you!

maelstormm responds:

Unfortunately I can't make money off of Megaman games, but since my artwork/programming/ and interest in videogames came from the blue guy I figured I'd give him something in return of the years of fun for his 15th.

this was coool

A great spin off from the pico game! And yes Homestarrunner.com does rule! The hard work you put into this is evidant I can't say one bad thing about it, awsome job my man!

Magna responds:

Thanks! But it does have its faults.

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