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So much fun!

This is better than the first. It's longer, more stuff to destroy, and there are plenty of things to get other than the planes. Art is awesome and the music rocks. Once again the stuff in the background is a nice touch and I really like the variety of what you are destroying. The shark wheel is a nice addition to the game as I was getting tons of points with it. This is highly addicting and fun. Great job!

It's pretty awesome.

This is a very fun adventure/rpg type game. I like the concept of trying to raise a dragon and going through various stages to level up the main character. The hit detection is a tad off though as my guy would swing his weapon and looked like it went right through the enemy but did no damage. Also sometimes he wouldn't stop moving until someone hit him. These things were a tad annoying at first but overall this is a great game.

I don't even want to know what the hard mode is like since I just barely beat the first boss. Maybe I was too low a level or something but that guy after that big slime battle kept killing me. The fact that I had that freeze spell helped though and I was able to defeat him. (Yay!) So now I'm trying to level up a bit and make my dragon stronger.

Addicting as hell and very creative. Kickass job!

Dark yet funny

This was very entertaining to play. I really like the art style that this is done in as everything has a dark feel to it. I'm really impressed by how much detail is present for the backgrounds and the ragdoll style for the people is well done. The gameplay is smooth, though the firing of the slingshot is a bit slow. Music is good too. What I find funny is that you are encourging us to get killed to earn medals. The way the poor kids get it are fun to watch though.

Very nice job with this. I can't wait for the next chapter.


Wow this game is fun! It took me a minute to figure out the jump but once I did i managed to take down all the planes. still working on the ducks and the boat medal, The music goes very well with the game and I like all the senseless destruction it causes. Another thing I really enjoy about the game is all the stuff going on in the background. The donut looks like it came from The Simpsons and I find it funny that while a crazy shark is on the loose the aliens are attacking. It's details like that, that makes this game that much more fun.


I really enjoyed the story that went along with this game. The puzzles were fun to figure out and the animation was a lot smoother in this one. I'd like to see more of this character. Maybe we could get a game that features the backstory and leads up to the first game. That would be awesome. Cool game dude!

It's fun.

Hard to stop playing too. I want to launch the turtle into space! Took me a little while to prefect the launch part without shooting the gun by accident but I've got it now. Great game!

So damn funny

It puzzles me how much fun this flash is. The art and animation is choppy at best but it doesn't matter. The creativity and fun that this provides more than makes up for it. Each part makes me laugh and brings me back to play it again.

It's very fun

However I was doing training mode and could find no way of getting back to the main menu without closing it all out and loading it up again. Is there something I missed? Other than that I had a blast playing it. A problem I had with the gameplay was that you slid so much when you moved. Also I was a bit annoyed with using "o" and "p" for jumping and attacking. Customizable controls would be a good thing to consider for your next project. Kickass job though.

Cleod-9 responds:

Thanks, I might make a version 2 but it will be hard to match the real SSBM. Also, you can hold "Backspace" to pause, it says that in the controls during the preloader. You should also read the FAQ for anymore questions, the link is in the description.

This was submitted already

Either you are a part of the site or you stole it.
I still like this animation and thought it was overlooked so I gave this about the same score I gave the first time I saw it. No improvment from the first submission so it makes me wonder why it was submitted again.

Care to clear things up a bit?

UnordinaryDragon responds:

Part of it?? I own it....

Mostly Because, I have a new account now.


maybe now I can figure out what the hell it all means. What you also should have had was a way to translate 1337 that you find and want to know what it is rather than just letters first. But overall an awsome game. Gadget.. Thing.

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