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Pretty Cool

I liked it. I used to watch Inspector Gadget when I was little, and it was cool to see him in this form. Much darker than the original and bloody too. The song was awsome, I need to find it now. Hope to see more of this. Sweet flash!


I've never seen a submission like this before. Very entertaing and funny. You really like that song huh? The graphics got a bit messed up at times but thats ok, it was still good. The song is weird too but the dancing and stuff just made it all the better. Awsome job!

So cool!

Spider-Man is by far my favorite comic character. I have been a fan of his for a long time. Your flash was incredible. You really captured what it's all about. The art and music were great together and it really makes it stand out. The villans were well drawn as well.

One minor thing. This looks like it's from the cartoon series (Which is fine) But on the subject of Venom it was a tad wrong. Two big things: 1) Venom does not set off the spider sense. Spider-Man had that alien suit first and it knows about it so it blocks it for venom. That way he always has the element of surprise. 2) Peter Parker and Mary Jane were married when Venom first appeared. So she knew all about Peter being Spider-Man.

Other than that it was just an awsome flash!

The Pig!

So funny! The insane knight, the baked beans, the flying cow, and the fat piggie! I was laughing through the entire thing. Well voiced and the animation matched the random madness. Please make more like this! It didn't even turn out like I though it would either. Awsome job.


I liked it. Not as good as some of your other flash but it was entertaining. Sauron the idiot was funny as ever and poor old wayne gave me a laugh too. The humor was a bit dry in this one though, not like the other "To rule them all" flash. The audio needs some work. Still, it's an awsome flash!

Sasuke was actually funny

Another awsome job on the ranma style flash. Was it me or did Sasuke act like Foamy for a bit there when Kuno was at the computer.

Heh the Pube Puppet bits were hilarious. So wrong yet so painfully funny.

Dekathos responds:

Thanks Outlaw! You do remember me saying I was going to make Sasuke act like Foamy don't you? ;) Heh heh. Half the script I posted, remember? denied I was going to put this together at least 3 times. Hahha.


I love that song. Not what I was expecting but I liked it just the same. All those cameo's made me laugh, especially when foamy sang and beebo got run over.

Insanity at it's best

Just wild and crazy! I loved it when his head caught fire. It was so random and all over the place I was laughing all the way through. The concert at the end was cool too. That music was from F-Zero I think. Please make a crazy sequal!

funny as hell

Really funny spoof with real audio. I forgot about his "Fuzzy Math" quote for a while too. Awsome job! Now the real challenge is to do one for Kerry.

Hell Yeah!

One of the best Mega Man parodys I've seen! The voices were great, MM sounded just like he did in the cartoon. I loved the "Jingle Dogs" part at the end, it cracked me up. Bass and Tangu made me laugh till it hurt, and Astro man showing up out of nowhere was even better. Please make more of these! Awsome job!

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