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That was coool! I assume that the g-force of the ball killed her, unless those two guys did it. She had big feet:) A very enjoyable flash, keep it up!

Turtle Killer?

That was odd, yet strangly similar to a typical "maracle cure" episode. Hilarious cameos from the dragon ball characters. Dirty old man! Awsome job, can't wait for the "Interactive Dojo" 4 to come out! Fist-of-the-White-Swan!

Dekathos responds:

OK! I'm just glad it didn't totally go over your head! I remember I almost added Bulma to the beach scene but I figure it was a dead give away as it is. Besides I didn't want to distract Roshi. "HEY BULMA! Still don't like wearing underwear I see!" - Turtle Hermit Thank you for reviewing all of these! It's great your hooked!

Knight Rider!

This has got to be the best one so far! It had everything, and kept me laughing long and hard! This is so going to be #1! Keep this stuff comming man, your doing great!

you are a genius

Damn that was good! A vaery solid flash wiht a funny as hell somg! Awsome job!


I'm literaly in tears from that...whooo man, I think I'll play it safe and say it was really.....good. ok, better than good, it was freakin AWSOME! The text went by a bit quick, but the voice and pic kept me laughing! Great job!

P-chan wants to eat you

not really but it's an attention getter!:) Great job man, I love the Ranma 1/2 series, I'm currently collection some of the magna and you of all people must know how addicting that stuff is! Akane's voice.....damn thats funny stuff. If you ever put other characers, preferably male, like Kuno, Mousse, Hikaru, or whatever, I'd volunter! (I can do a pretty good impersonation of Mousse's japanese voice) Keep it up, this stuff is great!

Dekathos responds:


I'm glad your collecting the manga it's makes you appreciate under-used characters like poor Gosunkugi! You're damn right it's addicting! :)Thank you for the offer! I don't need any males for the rest of the series and Mousse isn't in it. Sorry. :( But hey who knows? I might need extras for future work and if so you'll hear from me. But don't hold your breath. Heh heh. YO! Thanks and keep watching!

its cool

yeah thanks for the Inu-Yasha tip I havent had the chance to see any of that. This is getting very interesting. I'm not totaly familiar with the Rockman Exe series, and after watching your first episode i went and d/l some episodes. I was wondering is Bass er I mean Forte was in it so now I got my answer! Keep then comming!

Bob funny

I'd buy a shirt...but I'm poor so I guess not. I liked the movie and the prez changing into bob was quite funny! When are you gonna finish the Kermit Kombat?

Stand Back!

The hurricane on newgrounds, now I've seen it all. The hurricane rules, Mr.T rules and Adam West is funny, so that makes your flash.....Awsome! Being a Mr.T and WWE fan sure helps with this! Whooo!

P.S. So my trademark IS stupidity, whats wrong with that?

wicked cool

blood, spells, and the undead, what omre could you ask for!? Very nice art that blended with the sound, and story. Can't wait for the sequel. The story looks promising!

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